“Transforming lives through the power of the stage”


At Columbus Children’s Theatre, we love that we are often the first experience a child has with live theatre, and it can be transformative. There are so many benefits to early exposure to live theatre, it is hard to know where to begin. From excelling in school, to building confidence, developing empathy, becoming better problem solvers, and fostering inclusive, diverse communities, the impact of theatre on young lives is palpable.

At CCT, we take our role as a safe space between the busy lives of school and home very seriously. Our programs provide a haven for kids to be themselves, and to be welcomed for precisely who they are. At CCT, they get to see the world through someone else’s eyes, broadening their understanding and appreciation of people whose lives may differ vastly from their own. Empathetic kids make for thoughtful and compassionate adults and future leaders.

CCT puts the “A” in STEAM with carefully devised programs to engage young minds. Our programs expose students to all elements of production and performance. We are well known for outstanding performance classes. However, your young engineer will benefit from design and stagecraft classes that introduce basic carpentry, drawing and electrical concepts. Everyone leaves with new skills and new friends after spending time at CCT.

When you support CCT with a gift, you invest in our future ability to shepherd the development of the next generation of youth. Together with our audiences and donors, young people experience stunning personal growth; from timid to confident, hesitant to engaged, uncertain to challenged. Every child in our region deserves access to these programs. We want our performances and workshops to reach more youth. But ticket sales and class registrations cover only 60 percent of our operating expenses. We need your partnership to ensure each student who wants to participate is able.

CCT strives to increase equity, inclusion, and access to our programming through our Kristen Elizabeth Conte Pass program. This scholarship initiative came about from a tragic loss. Kristen Elizabeth Conte (formerly Conie) was a 15-year-old alumna of CCT who passed away in 2001. Her family and CCT knew her legacy would change lives, resulting in the creation of this program. Please consider donating to the Conte Pass program and help CCT reach more students throughout Columbus.

For more information, contact the Development Department by emailing