"Our classes cover all of the different skills needed to run a theatre. "

The Fall Academy opens for registration on July 18, 2023. Classes take place at our studios at 177 Naghten Street, Columbus OH 43215 (Downtown) with opportunities to experience the many aspects of theatre from costuming, acting, scenic design, and movement to teamwork and building friendships. These classes are designed for a range of experience levels, though we do ask that your students come with their own passion and excitement for learning!


Fall Sampler – Best of Broadway

Get a taste of our Theatre360 courses! This course is designed for students with a passion for theatre and an appreciation for the magic of Broadway! Through the exploration of acting, singing, dancing, design, carpentry, and more, students will gain a holistic understanding of the collaborative efforts that make Broadway productions come to life!

Fall Sampler – The Magic of Disney

Get a taste of our Theatre360 courses! This course is designed for students with a love for Disney and a passion for the performing arts! Through the exploration of acting, singing, dancing, design, carpentry, and more, students will gain a holistic understanding of the collaborative efforts that bring Disney’s magical worlds to life on stage!

Spring Theatre Sampler

Ages: 5 – 15

Welcome to CCT’s Cardinal Health Sampler Series! 

In this five-day crash course, students will sample the different onstage and backstage aspects of drama, including acting, movement, set design, stagecraft, and costuming! Students will learn the importrance of each discipline and see firsthand how collaboration between each area makes up theatre as a whole! No experience necessary!

Be on the lookout for future Sampler classes in our Cardinal Health Sampler Series!

Winter Break Camp – Theatre360: Harry Potter Day Camp

Attention all aspiring witches, wizards, and magical beings! Welcome to Theatre360: Harry Potter Winter Break Camp! Step into the enchanting world of Hogwarts and beyond, where you’ll discover the secrets of acting, movement, costuming, and design with the guidance of professional theatre artists. Get ready to witness the backstage magic that brings the Harry Potter university to life while honing your skills as a performer! 

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery and watch the magic of theatre come alive! With engaging activities, creative challenges, and more fun than you can imagine, you’ll see all the excitement that theatre has to offer! Let your adventure begin!

Theatre360 – Triple Threat

Ages: 5 – 15

Theatre360 – Acting Onstage

Ages 5 – 15

Thrive by Five!



Stage Combat/ Illusion in Theatre


8 – 15

Halloween Costume and Makeup


8 – 12

(Fun)damentals of Improv


8 – 12

Audition Prep


8 – 12

Students at this level begin studying specific theatrical topics.  Taught by seasoned professionals, these classes are perfect for the student seeking introductory skills in their area of interest.

Musical Theatre Dance

Ages: 8 – 15

Intro to Acting

Ages: 8 -12

Sew-Sational Costume Creation

Ages: 8 – 15

Level 2 is our first Intermediate level. Students will focus on developing skills in a single theatrical discipline.

Objectives & Actions


12 – 14

Teen Acting

Ages: 13 – 17

Tap Dance Tuesdays!


10 – 14

Overcoming Stage Fright


High School

COVID-19 Procedures and Policy

CCT is monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and is in contact with local public health officials. During Fall Academy, mask use will be optional and may be done at the discretion of each participant and staff member unless an individual needs to mask due to exposure (as recommended by the CDC).


Proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test isn’t necessary to participate in classes, but testing or isolation will be necessary to rejoin the class for a student who stays home sick or becomes ill during class. Please monitor your student’s and household’s symptoms daily. Stay home if your student is ill. Also, stay home if someone in your household tests positive for COVID-19, has symptoms, is awaiting the results of a COVID test, or has not completed a minimum 5 full-day isolation period with improved symptoms. We will modify our protocols and procedures according to updated public health guidance and applicable law.


By entering our class, all students, parents and guardians, and CCT staff certify that they are not experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and that no one in their household has COVID.

“Thank you for helping us keep our students, families, and staff safe, healthy, and creative!”

Acting | Scene Design | Sound | Costuming | Video Production

2022 Class schedule

Important dates

Sampler Week

September 19th - 23rd
Give your child the opportunity to explore all of the classes that we have to offer! 5 Evenings featuring 5 Different classes.

1st Semester Fall Academy

Saturday Classes from October 1st - November 19th, 2022
This is the start of our 8 week classes that meet once a week.

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