CCT Academy

Students of all ages can join in on our fun and inviting classes!

CCT Academy: Performance & Production

Introducing our new 2020 Fall Academy! We are rolling out all-new classes that not only include acting and dance, but also for the first time Theatre Production classes in scenic, costume, and sound design. These will all be at our newly socially distanced renovated studios that include a computer lab, design lab, black box studio theatre, and working costume shop! Register today to expand your theatrical skill sets!


CCT offers new production classes in scenic, sound, and costume design. By the end of these classes with new professional technology in our lab studios, students will have a grasp of the behind-the-scenes magic that makes theatre happen and will have the skills to work on the production side of future CCT shows. The fall session for production academy runs from October 4 – October 24. There are classes available for ages 12-18 both in-person and virtually.

Sound Engineering (ages 12-18): 

In this course you will learn everything you need to know to run live sound like a pro. Everything from setting up a sound system to equalizing microphones to even running a large theatrical production. After taking this course you’ll have the knowledge you need to run sound for one of our shows.

Fundamentals of Audio Design (12-18):

This course dives into the digital side of audio design and production. You will learn how to record, edit, and produce voiceovers, underscoring, and sound effects using ProTools software. By the end of this course you will have the knowledge to produce a full audio soundscape for any production.


Intro to AutoCAD (12-18, Adult):

This introductory course provides you with a basic knowledge of AutoCAD’s interface, menu options, tool bars, and operational commands as it applies to theatrical production. You will learn how to take a designer’s drawings, break it down into working drawings, add measurements, plot it, print it, and send it off to the shop.


Fundamentals of Stage Design (12-18):

In this course you will learn the basics of how to design the stage for a production. This course will focus primarily scenic and props design; however, you will touch on each area of design to learn how everyone comes together to make one cohesive production design.


Stitch to Stage – Construction (12-18):

In this course you will learn how to build a custom costume piece from start to finish. You will start with a drawing from a designer and by the end of the course have a costume that you built to take home with you.


Stitch to Stage – Costume Design (12-18):

This production course focuses on the conceptual design side of theatrical costuming. You will learn about influence of costume design, different design methods, and how to turn a script into a stage full of colorful costumes. By the end of this course you will have fully created your own costume design from start to finish.



CCT offers performing classes in acting and dance. The fall session for performance academy runs from September 3- October 24. There are classes available for ages 5-18 both in-person and virtually.

Page to Stage (ages 5-8, 9-12):

Students will learn how to write and create an original play as a group. Writing and creating original plays is not only a lot of fun, it is an important skill to nourish our inner artist as well as playwriting skills. Students will also learn how to perform their work while being introduced to production efforts and working as an ensemble.


Character Development (ages 8-12):

Students will learn how to create fully developed characters through scene work. They will learn basic acting and movement techniques to bring characters to life!


Introduction to Viewpoints (ages 12-18):

Viewpoints is an improvisational method that trains an actor to use their body in time and space to create meaning. The student will learn awareness timing as well as strategic movement and gestures. This improvisational course will give the students skills that will create dramatic meaning in their acting.


Repertory Class (12-18):

In this unique class, students will have the chance to work on individual prepared performance pieces in front of a group. Students will perform a piece from their repertoire and work with it more in depth along side a professional instructor and receive feedback from the group. This class will develop audition skills.


Dance – Jazz (levels for all ages):

Students will be introduced to the world of Jazz! Jazz is a key dance form in Musical Theatre. Students will learn the fundamentals of Jazz and telling a story through movement.


Dance – Tap (levels for all ages):

Students will be introduced to the world of Tap! Tap is an important skill to have for any Musical Theatre performer. In this class, students will learn the fundamentals that make up the very core of Tap Dance.

A note from Executive Director Susan Pringle:
The 2020 Fall Academy is open for enrollment! This year, with support from City of Columbus – Mayor Andrew Ginther, Nationwide, and the Greater Columbus Arts Council, we have increased our courses to include a wider range of theatrical interests. Starting September 3, 2020, new production courses including set design, drafting, audio sound design, costume construction & design, as well as skill building classes in acting, dance, musical theatre repertory, are available. These new courses are designed for a wide range of experience levels, though we do ask that your students come with their own passion and excitement for learning! During the current pandemic, we are taking all of the necessary precautions regarding cleanliness, sanitization, and social distancing. Students will wear masks and be kept at least six feet apart.. Because of this, each course will be have a limit of 6-9 students depending on the course. Some courses can accommodate up to nine and as few as 6. We understand this is extremely limiting, but it is necessary to comply with best practices. And yes, in the event that your student wishes to participate but DOES NOT wish to be onsite, we are preparing many of the courses for virtual delivery through the OneStage program (where applicable and possible). Course scholarships based on financial need are available for the 2020 Fall Academy; please contact John Faas at john@columbuschildrenstheatre.org.





Private Lessons

CCT is proud to offer private lessons in downtown Columbus in a variety of subjects for students ages 7 through adult: Acting, Voice, Dance, Flute and Piano.


Advanced Performance Academy

CCT’s Advanced Performance Academy offers intensive training for serious students.


Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available for families who demonstrate need. Through generous donors in the community, CCT is able to grant young students this assistance.