Corporate Support

Children’s theatre matters. For over fifty years, CCT has provided exceptional live theatre and theatre education experiences for children and families because of your support, and support from others like you. You matter so much to children’s theatre!

Through your generosity, opportunities for children to attend shows, perform, and train in the theatre arts become a reality. When you support children’s theatre, you are supporting the overall development and creativity of young people.

According to Lyn Gardner of The Guardian: “At a time when the pressures on young people are perhaps greater than they have been at any time since the Second World War, what we need is a rising generation who can not only use their heads to solve problems but also their imaginations. Theatre, particularly theatre for children, fires the imagination, it gives our children the skills and the creativity necessary to face the world, to understand it and perhaps to change it too.”

With your gift to Columbus Children’s Theatre, you are ensuring that children receive the opportunities to build skills today that will better our world tomorrow. Your gift will matter so much. I promise you.

Corporate recognition is available for all levels of support and sponsorship. Please contact me directly to discuss how your business may wish to support CCT.

Thank you in advance for making a gift to Columbus Children’s Theatre. It matters so much.

Susan Pringle
Executive Director
Phone: 614.224.6673 Ext 3231