Audition for CCT

Audition for the 2021 Summer Performance:


in partnership with Actors’ Theatre of Columbus

Video Submissions Due by

Friday, March 19 @ 11:59pm!

The Secret Garden

August 12- September 5, 2021

Thursdays through Sundays @ 8pm
Schiller Park (German Village), Amphitheatre Stage

An orphan girl is sent away from the only home she’s ever known into a world that seems to be decaying in front of her eyes. A boy who has been hidden away and believes himself to be incapable of a real life is challenged to grow in ways he never expected. A long-neglected sanctuary is rediscovered, sowing seeds of life and hope that blossom from the weeds and wreck of everything the children had once expected.


  1. Fill out the Audition Form HERE

  2. Upload a headshot, resume, and your audition video(Videos should be no more than 90 seconds and can contain either one monologue, or two contrasting monologues at 45 seconds each. At least one of your monologues should be classical in nature)
  3. Send in your video auditions between February 22 – March 19

  4. With any questions, please email Kelsey at Kelsey.h@columbuschildrenstheatre.org


  • How do I film my audition video?
    • It can be very low-tech! If you have a camera on your phone, just prop it up in a room with good lighting and press record! We know not everyone is a videographer, so just a still camera that captures your head and torso will be perfect!
  • Do I need to edit the audition video?
    • Not at all! All we ask is that you do your audition in one, clean take, similar to how you would walk into an audition room and be expected to recite your monologue in one try. The video must not exceed 90 seconds.

COVID-19 Precautions:

We fully understand that students will need to attend school prior to filming. We ask that students be as proactive and safe as possible. We feel confident schools are taking the proper protocols. We just want to make sure students take social distancing and washing hands very seriously  and try to quarantine to the best of their abilities during that time period. Not putting themselves in high-risk situations, like maskless parties, and things of that nature.

We are going to do our best to ensure social distancing during filming, but there is a chance they might be less than 6 feet at times. Unfortunately, that is one of the risks of doing the project, but we promise we are going to do everything we can and are following what mainstream film and tv shows are implementing currently! Everyone in the cast and crew will be masked on set until it is time to say “action”, and the actors will be the only ones removing their masks, and once we say “cut” they go back on.