The Child Writing Project

The Child Writing Project

About the Child Writing Project

Each year, The Columbus Children’s Theatre selects a theme and collects stories written by students grades K-8. Over 1,000 submissions are received and the top 15-20 stories are compiled to create a hysterical, fast-paced entertaining sketch comedy show seen by thousands and thousands of children each year. A fantastic addition to any creative writing curriculum, The Child Writing Project promotes creativity and empowerment to young authors from all over Ohio.

2020 Child Writing Project – Wildest Dreams!

What are your wildest dreams? The Child Writing Project (CWP) presents the 36th production of original stories by student authors throughout Ohio, answering just this question! 

Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 Child Writing Project: Wildest Dreams!

“Space Shot”
Mason Shepperd, Jordan Swackhammer, and Noah Jackson
Westview Elementary

“A Dino Time”
Liam Skarratt
Southview Elementary
Grade 1

“Teachers on the Loose”
Audrey Thielman
Grade 4

“Vsco Power”
Kate Wilbur, Kadee Faught
Grade 5

“The Terror of the MAP Test”
Classroom 209
Indianola Informal
Grades 2 & 3

“Tech Land”
Grace & Eva Kloza
Oak Creek Elementary
Grades 4 & 1

“The New Future”
Rowan Billker, Lexi Posashink, Witney Helm, Esther Morgan
Greentown Intermediate
Grades 4

“Tommy and the Circus of the Night”
Sofia de Freitas & Eliza Watts
Greentown Intermediate
Grade 5

“The Lightbulb”
Lucas Cook, Alyssa Haddox, Natasha Votaw
Northview Elementary
Grade 4

“The Longest Tornado in History”
Kayden Newman
Westview Elementary
Grade 3

“I Have A Wild Dream”
Makenna Pfenning
New Knoxville School
Grade 2

“The Adventures of Britney”
Heidi Busch
Hanby Elementary
Grade 5

“The Great Adventure in the Land of Kitchen”
Pete Culver
Thornville Elementary
Grade 5

“Odd Dreams”
Blaze Blacketer & Ty Shover
Greentown Intermediate
Grade 3

“Jack’s Dream”
Brandon Thornsberry & Nolan Collins
Northview Elementary
Grade 4

“Statue of Liberty Story”
Lily Rickert & Chloe Castle
Edison Intermediate, Larson Middle School
Grade 4

“The Sweet Stache”
Isaiah Armstrong
Southview Elementary

“The Evil Nose”
Deegan Evans
Southview Elementary