The Child Writing Project

The Child Writing Project

About the Child Writing Project

Each year, The Columbus Children’s Theatre selects a theme and collects stories written by students grades K-6. Over 1,000 submissions are received and the top 15-20 stories are compiled to create a hysterical, fast-paced entertaining sketch comedy show seen by thousands and thousands of children each year. A fantastic addition to any creative writing curriculum, The Child Writing Project promotes creativity and empowerment to young authors from all over Ohio.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Child Writing Project: Hysterical History

“The First Olympics!”
Madison Ward – Grade 6
Bishop Flaget Catholic School

“Benjamin Franklin: A Shockingly Good Scientist”
Jacob London, Casey Kule, & Michalle Giorgi – Grades 5 & 6
Seton Catholic School

“Thomas Edison and the Light Bulb”
Alexis Stacey & Stephanie McGuire  – Grade 5
Wellston Intermediate School

“Albert Einstein’s Birthday Chaos”
Daisy Howard – Grade 4
The Wellington School

“Radio Mania”
Paxton Longoria – Grade 1
Wyandot Run Elementary

“Apollo 11”
Ryan Blum – Grade 6
Bishop Flaget Catholic School

“The Beginning of the Universe”
Cassidy Snyder & Jack Snyder – Grades 3 & K
Granville School

“The Sphinx’ Big Day”
Will Bernard – Grade 4
The Wellington School

“Home Sweet Home”
Molly Prochaska – Grade 6
Bishop Flaget Catholic School

“The Rivals”
Alexis Barch – Grade 5
Millersport Elementary

“The Moaning Lisa”
Lauryn Walburn, Tayler Williams, & Euriah Huff – Grade 3
Westview Elementary

“Camp Share Some More”
Mrs. Elizabeth Geckler’s Class – Grade 2
Clearmount Elementary School

“The New Thanksgiving”
Josslyn Vickers & Elin Walters – Grade 5
Wellston Intermediate School

“Purchasing Louisiana”
Nathan Adkins – Grade 5
Southview Elementary

“How Ohio Became a State”
Kaylin & Olivia Cruz – Grade 4
Westview Elementary

“Sherlock Holmes and the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln”
Brock Mullins – Grade 5
Wellston Intermediate

“George Washington for Rockstar?”
Arden Fry – Grade 5
Royal Manor Elementary

“The Boston “Tea Rex” Party”
Andrew Brandau – Grade 4
Wellston Intermediate

We are now accepting submissions for the 2019 Child Writing Project: Heroic Tales

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