Apollo: To The Moon

Apollo: To The Moon!

This professionally produced performance of CCT’s Apollo: To The Moon, is back! Educational packages are available for schools and libraries to purchase a digital download, delivered via Dropbox. Each package will be accompanied by educational materials, including a study guide with activities before, during, and after the performance. 

Apollo: To the Moon

October 14-December 31
Recommended for Grades
: K-8th
Length: 60 Minutes

Written by Mary Hall Surface

Produced by special arrangement with Plays For Young Audiences
Told through the story of one young man named Scott who dreams of becoming an astronaut, Apollo: To the Moon is an exploration of the American Space program and its effect on the nation. Follow Scott’s journey and see how American astronauts took “one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.”

Apollo – Piloted Space Exploration Video’s objectives will include history/humanities and Ohio history. The video is 36 minutes in length and also provides a follow-up study guide for teachers. Students will leave with a new meaning for the 50th anniversary of the US doing the “impossible” by landing on the moon – one of the greatest technological feats in the century if not of all time. The Apollo missions revealed many scientific findings that are still playing a role today.

Themes: History of Space Travel, Perseverance, Self-Efficacy
Ohio Learning Standard Connections: Fine Arts- Drama/Theatre, Science, Social Studies
Ohio Social and Emotional Learning Standard Connections: Self Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness

Music by Morgan Mills