Individual Support

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Annual Fund & General Donation Info

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What is an “annual fund?”

Most not-for-profit organizations have some sort of an annual operating or general operating fund. This critical money is what literally “runs” the organization. Whether it’s for paper, pens, copies of materials for kids, paperclips, the phones, what have you. This is the money that fuels the engine behind every organization.


How is the annual fund different from grants or corporate support?

Most foundations and corporations funnel their support toward expanding existing programs or to underwrite the expenses related to producing “the product” of an organization. In our case, the product is theatre and education. When we receive a grant or a sponsorship, there are certain limitations or restrictions for how those dollars can be used. These are usually referred to as “restricted gifts.” Because we here at CCT adhere to the highest fundraising ethics, we are obligated to use grants and sponsorship for the programs for which they are intended. An annual fund donation is unrestricted, meaning that we can use it to pay the electric bill or the rent on our building!


Can an individual person make a restricted gift to CCT?

Absolutely! You can gift our organization financial resources to help us grant scholarships for classes or to help kids who need more assistance experience our programming! We will work with you in every way to make sure you feel as good about making your gift as we will feel about using it to further our mission.


What do I get out of making a gift to CCT?

You provide opportunities to children from ages 18 mo-18 years to experience the wonderful world of the performing arts. You can write off your gift amount on your personal income taxes (please consult your tax professional for more information). You are investing in the education and happiness of young people and their families all over the state of Ohio!


What is the Goldsmith Club?

The Goldsmith Club refers to any individual annual fund gift at $1,000 and over. Even though there are naming designations for many giving levels, any individual gift at $1,000 or greater is automatically considered a Goldsmith Club gift. Also! This group is named in honor of long-time Columbus Children’s Theatre Artistic Director – William Goldsmith. In 2019, William (Bill) Goldsmith retired after serving for over 30 years!


How do I make a gift to CCT?

Easily and however you’d like! We can take a check, credit card, gifts of stock (special circumstances apply), or In-kind gifts (items or services granted free of charge that help us save money). If giving a monetary gift, you can make it all at one time, OR you can split it up over quarters or months (doing it this way allows folks to give more in smaller amounts).


Can a gift be too small?

NOPE! And reciprocally, a gift can’t be too large either!

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Additional Ways to Giveback

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When you shop, Amazon will donate to CCT!

[/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”Honor & Memorial Giving” _builder_version=”3.0.98″]Honor someone special with a donation in their name.

To discuss your Honor and Memorial Donation please contact us at 614.224.6673 ex 3230
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If you have a Kroger Plus Card, you can help fund Columbus Children’s Theatre simply by shopping at Kroger.

Columbus Children’s Theatre has enrolled in the Kroger Community Rewards program. All we need you to do is register for the program and select Columbus Children’s Theatre as your cause, and then every time you shop and scan your Kroger Plus Card Columbus Children’s Theatre will receive 1% of that back as a donation from Kroger.

It’s easy and takes less than 5 minutes to register for the program. To sign up, have your Kroger Plus Card handy. If you have misplaced your card you can get your Kroger Plus Card number by calling 877-576-7587.

To use the Kroger Community Rewards Program:

  1. Register online at http://www.krogercommunityrewards.com
  2. Be sure to have your Kroger Plus card handy. If you do not yet have a Kroger Plus card, they are available at the customer service desk at any Kroger.
  3. Click on Sign In/Register.
  4. Sign up for a Kroger Rewards Account by entering zip code, clicking on favorite store, entering your email address and creating a password, agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  5. You will then get a message to check your email inbox and click on the link within the body of the email.
  6. Click on My Account and use your email address and password to proceed to the next step.
  7. Click on Edit Kroger Community Rewards information and input your Kroger Plus card number.
  8. Update or confirm your information.
  9. Enter NPO number (83943) or name of organization, select organization from list and click on confirm.
  10. To verify you are enrolled correctly, you will see Columbus Children’s Theatre’s name on the right side of
    your information page.

Remember, you must swipe your registered Kroger Plus card or use the phone number that is related to their registered Kroger Plus card when shopping for each purchase to count.

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If you would like to include CCT in your estate plans, please contact John Faas, Director of Development, at john@columbuschildrenstheatre.org. 

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CCT volunteers learn what goes into running a theatre while honing their interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills. We help keep track of volunteer hours, fill out any necessary paperwork, and help volunteers get the most out of their experience.

CCT offers volunteer opportunities at performances, and at promotional appearances. At this time, there are no volunteer backstage or production volunteer opportunities. If you are interested in working behind the scenes, please browse jobs and internships.

Click here to sign up to volunteer!