Ushering & House Managing

Ushering & House Managing

What will I be doing as an Usher?

Ushers will take tickets at the door, hand out playbills/programs, direct patrons to their seats and assist in keeping the theatre and lobby tidy. We ask that all ushers be age 10 or older.

What will I be doing as a House Manager?

House Managers oversee the ushers in the theatre and lobby, pass out tickets held at Will Call, keep count of audience members, assist with late seating and seating issues and keep close contact with the Box Office. We prefer our House Managers have some ushering experience with CCT, but it is not required. House Managers can be trained at the theatre before their scheduled performance.

When would I be needed at the theatre?

All volunteers should arrive no later than 60 minutes prior to the start of the show. We prefer the House Manager to arrive 75 minutes prior to the performance for a quick meeting with the Box Office staff member.

Are there any fun benefits for me?

House Managers and Ushers are welcome to remain after their shift and see the show for free! You can also purchase additional tickets for children under 10 at a discounted rate of $5 per ticket to see the show with you after your shift.

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