Ushering & House Managing

Ushering & House Managing

What will I be doing as a House Manager?

  • Duties: Overseeing the ushers in the theatre and lobby, distributing tickets held at Will Call, and keeping an accurate count of audience members.
  • Training: House Managers should have some ushering experience with CCT, and they can be trained at the theatre before their scheduled performance.
  • Late Seating: We ask our House Managers to assist with late arriving patrons, and you may miss up to 15 minutes of the performance to do so.
  • Post-Show: We ask our House Managers to remain in the theatre lobby for 15 minutes after the performance to assist in the recycling of playbills and clearing of the house.

What will I be doing as an Usher?

  • Duties: Taking tickets at the door, handing out playbills, directing patrons to their seats, and assisting in keeping the theatre and lobby tidy.
  • Post-Show: Ushers are encouraged, but not required, to remain in the lobby for 15 minutes after the performance to assist in the recycling of playbills and clearing of the house.

When would I be needed at the theatre?

The House Manager should arrive 75 minutes prior to the performance for a quick meeting with the Box Office staff member. All other volunteers should arrive no later than 60 minutes prior to the start of the show.

What should I wear?

Volunteers are asked to dress neatly or in business casual. If you have a Columbus Children’s Theatre t-shirt with our updated logo (as of summer 2015), you are encouraged to wear it! Shirts may be requested at the time of sign-up, and discounted rates may apply. Please note: we may have limited sizing availability. As ushering is an active responsibility, please come in appropriate, comfortable footwear (no flip flips, snow boots, etc.).

Anything else I should know?

Each volunteer is offered a complimentary ticket to the performance he/she is working. You can also purchase additional tickets for children under 13 at a discounted rate of $5 per ticket to watch the performance with you. Volunteers can accumulate hours over the course of the season at performances and special events. An Usher shift is worth one volunteer hour, and a House Manager shift is worth 2 volunteer hours.

Please note that we have made some changes to our usher policies in order to elevate our levels of customer service and professionalism. We now ask that all ushers be age 13 or older and that House Managers be adults.